Precision Beta Alanine

Precision Nutrition Beta Alanine

Why is my skin tingling!? So often, supplement users ask themselves this question in following use of a pre-workout product. Well the answer is simply, Beta-Alanine. However, this supplement is far more than just a skin tingler…

Beta-Alanine is an amino acid, and when it is coupled with a very small amount of a naturally-occurring amino acid called histidine, it produces a substance called carnosine. Carnosine’s job in your body is to reduce lactic acid build-up during exercise, meaning you can exercise for longer i.e. improve your endurance.

Precision Nutrition don’t just dash an unspecific amount of Beta-Alanine in our pre-workout to give you a random tingle (although we do have half a clinical dose in our Precision PRE!). We go off science. Science tells us, this isn’t just a pre-workout supplement. Precision Nutrition separate Beta-Alanine into a pure, pharmaceutical grade product, and recommend taking it day-in, day-out, whether you train or not, as supported by research. Taking Precision Nutrition Beta-Alanine in this fashion will truly give you the desired results of:

  • Reduced lactic acid built up & muscle fatigue
  • Improved Athletic performance
  • Prevention of muscle failure & muscle acidosis
  • Improved rate of recovery
  • Increased training volume
  • Enhanced cardiovascular efficiency

Our precise tipMix 3.2g (approximately half a teaspoon) or more, of Precision Nutrition Beta Alanine in your first drink of the day. This way, whether you train later in the day or decide that your body needs a rest, you’ve still kept the surplus Beta-Alanine in your system for the ongoing benefits

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Precision Nutrition endeavours to produce and supply supplements of the highest standard to all areas of the fitness industry, be that bodybuilding. powerlifting, team sports, individual sports or those who are seeking to improve well being and general health.

When producing supplements for athletes, intermediates or beginners there is NO COMPROMISE when it comes to the quality, condition, or fact of being exact or accurate, especially when it concerns your body, health and well being.

Thats why Precision Nutrition ensures its products are of the highest possible purity, certified and hand packaged for quality control. So when it comes to choosing the right supplements for your body, be you, be precise!





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